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3.0 Ladies "Shots & Ladders" Leagues: Information & Registration

logo for MCTA and Tennis WinWin Shots and Ladders League

3.0 Ladies "Shots & Ladders" League
Bethesda Country Club
6 Weeks

7601 Bradley Blvd
Bethesda, MD 20817
Sundays: Feb. 11 - Mar. 18, 2018
Time: 5:00-7:00pm
Registration: FULL
Map & Directions
Current Season Schedule & Scores

logo for MCTA and Tennis WinWin Shots and Ladders League

3.0 Ladies "Shots & Ladders" League
Wheaton Indoor Tennis Center
9 Weeks

11715 Orebaugh Avenue
Wheaton, MD 20902
Sundays: Jan. 28 - Mar. 25, 2018
Time: 3:30-5:30pm
Registration: FULL
Map & Directions
Current Season Schedule & Scores

General Information

The "Shots & Ladders" League. If you are a 3.0 woman player looking for a challenging and fun doubles league that plays the same day, same time, and same location every week, then the MCTA "Shots & Ladders" League will be perfect for you.

Schedule. In a 9-week league, each player will play 6 times and have 3 byes. In a 6-week league, each player will play 4 times and have 2 byes.The schedule for the season will be available after registration closes and before the first match. Players will have the opportunity after registration closes to select specific bye dates, if needed.

Move Up and Down 3 Courts. The doubles league will be run on three courts and the object will be during the course of the season to move up from lower to higher courts, and try not to slide down. Play will become more challenging as players climb higher.

Ladder. To begin, each player's spot on the ladder will be randomly drawn. After that, a player's spot on the ladder will be adjusted up or down after each week's play. However, if a player has a bye, her ladder spot will be frozen until she plays again, and the other players will move up or slide down the ladder around her spot. Each week, the players who are scheduled to play will be assigned to Courts 1, 2 and 3 based on their current positions on the ladder.

Match Play. At each match, four players will be scheduled to play three rounds on one court. During the three rounds of play, each player will play 8 games with each of the other three players on the court. Score will be kept of the number of games each player wins in each round, and the total score at the end of the match will determine each player's future spot on the ladder.

Teams. Every player will also be assigned to one of two teams. Regardless whether a player moves up or down on the ladder, every game won will be posted to the player's team, and will count toward winning the team championship.

Management. MCTA has partnered with Ann and Bev of Tennis WinWin, who have had considerable experience with this league format, to manage the league. They will be in charge of the schedule, ladder, scoring, and all the other league details.

League Size & Cost. The League is limited to 18 players. The cost is $192/player for the 9-week league and $132/player for the 6-week league, The fee is prepaid online through MCTA. After registration closes, players will be requested to provide availability dates (for any needed byes) and the schedule will be sent out the week before the first match. The League has frequently sold-out, so register promptly!

Flyer. Download Bethesda winter season flyer

Format & Rules. Download Format and Rules

Questions. If you have any questions regarding the 3.0 Ladies "Shots & Ladders" League, please contact Ann Bent,, 561-289-2299.

*Waiting List and Priority Registration

If a League is full and regstration is closed, and you would like to be on the waiting/sub list, or on the priority mailing list for the next season, please contact Ann Bent,, 561-289-2299.